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Prácticas en Atenas

Nos han comunicado la siguiente posibilidad para prácticas en Atenas. Aquí dejamos toda la información por si fuese de vuestro interés. La información es ajena a la Universidad de León y se debe tramitar directamente con la institución.


Resumen de la Institución: 
KEAN is an inclusive youth society. The organization’s main goal is to pursue activities leading to the improvement of the quality of life focusing on the protection of the environment including the promotion of new technologies, youth education and youth rights. In KEAN we strongly believe that quality of life presupposes the existence of a healthy participatory democratic society. As such KEAN devotes special attention to include activities that support social minorities and disadvantaged social groups in their fights against discrimination, racism and violence. In short we understand the promotion of ‘quality of life’ as a broader issue, which includes the protection of the environment, an informed youth with strong education and a participatory society.
KEAN works like a cell; like the cell that breaks and multiplies KEAN creates new ‘Cells’ that equally inspire one another. Every ‘cell’- branch is a separate entity, within the frame of the organization. It raises issues that preoccupy its members and communicates them to the other ’Cells’. It realizes activities and can receive support from all of KEAN’s members. As such it builds its own agenda on local issues while following and participating to the universal thematic topics decided by the organization. Each ‘Cells’ goal is to function independently and autonomously with several degrees of freedom on the local issues while mobilizing for the broader ones.
Approaches and methods
To succeed in our goals, our strategy is to pursue a range of activities using a variety of methods while placing the highest possible degree of creativity and innovation. In KEAN we believe that we can only be effective by focusing on more than one type of activity and thematic field. Moreover, we understood early on that each geographical area and each different youth-group, has its own priorities and needs to which, we try to respond. As such our recent activities include the organization of a Mediterranean conference on the “Environment and New technologies”, the production of a multi-tasking table-game called “Planetbook” which raises awareness on ecological issues as well as promoting the activities of environmental NGOs, the issuing of a monthly newspaper devoted to environmental and cultural questions that concern local societies and the organization of several competitions for youth and activities such as reforestation, visits in natural sites and NGO networking events.. Since our establishment, we have also been trying to broaden our geographical reach outside our headquarters in Athens, and when possible, outside Greece. That is why, today, we have local active offices in eight other areas of Greece and we have organized several seminars and actions with participants from Greece and Europe.
To reach its goals ΚΕΑΝ has established partnerships with many similar international societies and clubs that are inspired by the same values and goals. However, today we wish to become even more active in cooperation with organizations in our immediate neighborhood. That is countries from the region of the Mediterranean and the Balkans. We aim to cooperate with organizations with an established record of activities, whether these are large or smaller ones. Moreover, we are open at cooperating with local authorities – which we have done so in several instances in the past – in order to increase the level of penetration to local audiences.

contacto: info@kean.gr
web: www.kean.gr


Number of positions offered for student placement
In the Department/Function (where the position is offered)
Description of activities the student will be involved in
Administrative tasks for the development, management and support of European projects / management and development of European network, dissemination, management of international website, creation of promotional material.
                  6   months to 12 months
Working Hours/Weekly Hours

         40h / week

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