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Wollongong (Australia) by Jessica Cepeniuk

The University of Wollongong, Australia

Australia is located literally on the other side of the world. Full of only desert, Fosters beer and dangerous animals, right?  Oh how wrong you are! Would you like to find out more about our sunburnt country? Join us at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales. 

Wollongong, the name originating from languages of indigenous communities, is thought by some to mean ’sound of the sea.’ Some of our most beautiful beaches are located only 10 minutes away from where you will be taking classes! Do you have a two-hour break between lectures? Why not catch a few waves in between? Or grab a coffee or some lunch at one of our many different restaurants and cafes, from Indian to Turkish or Italian, and sit around our beautiful campus, which is covered in trees, lakes and wildlife. You could even have a cheeky beer or two at our Unibar. 

All our sun and surf does not mean that students of Wollongong don’t study. The University of Wollongong throughout their 60-year history has built an international reputation for world-class research and holds a high standard for teaching quality, being in the top 2 per cent of universities worldwide! You will be sure to find something to study at UOW as it offers a diverse range of subjects expanding over 5 faculties: Business; Engineering and Information Sciences; Law, Humanities and The Arts; Science, Medicine and Health and Social Sciences.

If you get tired of Australian accents and slang, do not worry! UOW has around 30,000 students including 12,800 international students from 134 different countries. However be wary of the UOW ducks, they might try to steal your food or take a bite out of you. 

BUT WHAT ABOUT STUDENT LIFE? Well with 120 clubs and societies to choose from, the Unibar organising trivia and bands every week, and by having our own cinema I doubt you will feel lonely. Wollongong is a very social beach town with most people walking the streets in only swimming costumes and partying at the local bars and clubs almost every night of the week. You want sport and exercise? How about joining one of our many sports clubs or taking a swim in our own pool or going to your very own UOW gym? The group Unicrew also run tours of Wollongong that will help you feel right at home very quickly.  

No car? No problem. The free bus service will get you wherever you need to go around Wollongong University and if you want to spend some time in Sydney our train will get you there in 1-1.5 hours. 

Come and see the relaxed nature of Australia. We may not ride Kangaroos to school but I guarantee that there is so much to discover. Studying at UOW will mean that you will experience Australia like an Australian. Travel up north to see the Great Barrier Reef. Hire a car with some friends (Australians love a good road trip) and drive down to Melbourne for the weekend. Go camping in our big red centre and get to know and love our rich and beautiful indigenous history. 

Australia has many nicknames – ’the lucky country’ is one of them. Come and find out why. We will have a cold beer waiting for you! 

By Jessica Cepeniuk 

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