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Oferta de Prácticas en Empresas a través de la PUCRS, en Brasil

Nos informan de una oferta para hacer prácticas en empresas a través de la PUCRS, la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Río Grande del Sur, en Brasil. A continuación se ofrece información detallada sobre las diversas opciones:

Dear Partners,

It is very common for Brazilian undergraduate students to do an internship during the course of their studies.
Because of that, PUCRS is offering internship opportunities for our international students in companies established in its Science and Technology Park TECNOPUC or in partner companies in town.

The opportunities are open for students coming solely for the internships (for a minimum of 4 months) or foran academic exchange program (from 6 months to one academic year) and an international internship, at the same time.

How to apply?

Right now, we have two postings:

Company: Leão Propriedade Intelectual
Programs: International Relations of Foreign Trade
Completion requirements: No specific requirements
Duration of internship: up to 6 months (a minimum of 4 months)
Languages: English (advanced or fluent) / Portuguese (intermediate)
Countries of interest: English-speaking, European or Asian Countries
Specific abilities: No specific abilities
Main attributions: research, design of news/bulletins, keeping contact with foreign clients, etc.
Working hours: 5 hours per day
Stipend: R$ 900/month + transport
Working site: Avenida Plinio Brasil Milano, 757 – 13º andar, Higienópolis, Porto Alegre

Company: Pandorga Tecnologia
Posting available only for students on a one-semester or one-year academic exchange program at PUCRS
Programs: IT, Advertising or Design
Completion requirements: completion of at least 50% of the program
Duration of Internship: 6 months
Languages: English (advanced or fluent) / Portuguese (intermediate)
Countries of interest: Australia, Canada, USA or England
Specific abilities: C#, .NET and Microsoft Dynamics
Working hours: 6 hours per day
Stipend: R$ 800/month + transport
Working site: TECNOPUC

Students who are interested in applying for these posting should complete this form and send their Résumé to mobilidade.in@pucrs.br, using the Brazilian format attached, indicating which posting they are applying for. If they are only interested in sending their résumé for future consideration, this should be mentioned.

Important notice: submission of the form and of the résumé is mandatory; applicant who fail to do so will be disqualified.

Specific terms
·         Students will be enrolled in a teaching/bachelor's degree in a Higher Education Institution. Attention: Master's degree students or students who have finished their teaching/bachelor's degree are not eligible for these internship opportunities.
·     The student's personal information presented in the form should be as accurate as possible.
·     Duration of the internship and working hours will be defined in agreement between the student and the company. The maximum working hours for internships are 6 hours per day.
·     Every intern will receive a stipend (academic aid) of approximately USD 235 per month.

The importance of an international internship
International internships are very rewarding, both at a personal and a professional level, and can help you enter the job market.
Internships enable you to gain experience in your field, and provides you with a great networking opportunity. The major benefit will be your professional qualification in the job market; in addition, you will receive funding to help you during your stay in Brazil.

Please do not hesitate to email us should you have any questions or concerns: mobilidade.in@pucrs.br

Best regards,

Rita Tiago Gomes
 Coordenadora Administrativa – Administrative CoordinatorCoordenadoria de Mobilidade Acadêmica – PROACAD - Academic Mobility Office

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