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UNILEON staff week 2017

UNILEON staff week 2017
 (from 1st May till 5th May)


UNILEON staff week is a five-day training

week created to help staff to improve

their personal and social skills adapting
themselves to an international
background. They will also have the chance            EVENT STRUCTURE:
to implement their work abilities by building             The event will be divided into
global relations. Moreover, they will receive a          five days and the timetable
Spanish course.                                                        differs depending on the day.
                                                                                 It includes a guided tour, a visit
TRAINING METHODS:                                 to the offices and administrative
You will work in small groups with the aim                facilities and even a trip to
of taking the maximum profit. The schedule             Valporquero caves, among
includes not only social and cultural activities,          others.
but also does it include administrative and
cooperative development, so the participants          EXPENSES:
will know more about our city as long as they          Travel, living and accommodation  
are informed about our mobility programmes.          expenses are expected to be
                                                                                 paid by the sending institution
DATES AND LOCATION:                                 under the name of Erasmus+              
The event will be developed in León and it              Staff mobility(only for those                                                                       who     
depends on the day, the activities will be                 belong to the European KA-103           
hold at “Universidad de León” which is located        programme mobility). Work
in Campus de Vegazana or even around                 sessions, cultural activities and
the city.                                                            language course are without fee.                                    
Please complete your application form
Maximum number of participants: 20
Per institution: 2

Deadline: 15th February 

more information: international@unileon.es


WORKSHOP I: Internationalization at University
An overall perspective of the internalization at the ULE and the institutional representants present, sharing the activities that are made at the institutions represented here.

WORKSHOP II: Mobility programs for students, teachers and staff

We are going to deal with the other mobility programs from the invited institutions and discuss about them, what they offer and how they work.

WORKSHOP III: Exchange a good practices.

This is the time that the participants are going to share the best practices at their institution, also the mistakes that they made in the past therefore get better and learn from them.

WORKSHOP IV: Agenda 2030 and University Cooperation for development

We will discuss about the Agenda 2030, the application of it and the management of the process therefore to improve the knowledge of the project. 

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